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KID-FIT pics
KID-FIT pics

At PPF CrossFit the aim of our Kids Training program is not only to get our youth exercising but also to make an average athlete good, and a good athlete better! Our trainers will work with young athletes closely in efforts of teaching them the skills it takes to better their athleticism. We will work to improve Strength, Conditioning, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Balance, Coordination, and Endurance. We will do all this, while still having fun!

No matter what your sport, PPF Kids concentrates on the CORE skills that are crucial to be an athlete! Speed, conditioning, endurance and proper technique are essential to becoming a PRO! We promise to work closely to help you obtain your goals. And most importantly, we promise that you will have FUN while improving your athletic ability!

We welcome teams as well as individuals looking to get the edge on the opponent.

PPF Kids for Special Needs

PPF Kids for Special Needs is a modified fitness program for individuals with developmental disabilities as well as other impairments.  The program takes the basic functional movements found in fitness programs and modifies them to meet each individual student’s needs.  The program’s goal is to build strength, coordination, balance and endurance while having fun!  The students will be exposed to different aspects of fitness including obstacle courses, core and strength training, and appropriate stretching all while having fun!

Contact Rebecca (678-938-9668) for additional information regarding the PPF Kids for Special Needs program!


Team Training

Our team training program provides and develops teams of all ages with a scientifically designed strength and conditioning program.  The program develops raw, powerful, and explosive athletes that will transfer to the field!  Contact us for more details!

KID-FIT 3-Month Program


KID-FIT Month-to-Month Option

Month-to-Month 2x/Week:

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