Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is!

So you have tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Zone, and every other fad diet under the sun to lose weight. You have spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars trying to lose weight and get healthy. But for some reason, you still have unwanted pounds and find yourself shoving cupcakes and pizza in your mouth. Let us challenge you with the power to control how much money you spend and how much weight you lose! Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is!

Here are the details:

  • $50 buy-in for one month
  • 1 hr. consultation to develop a 4 week meal plan
  • Weekly check-ins to update measurements, weight, and body fat percentage as well as review weekly meal plan

Here’s the catch!! You have to give us four checks for $50 each. One check will be at stake each week. It’s up to you whether we get to cash that check or you get to tear it up. If you lose weight, we lose your check, but if you gain weight, we cash it in! Put YOUR money where YOUR mouth is!

If you feel that one month is not enough support, we challenge you to the next tier of our program. The details remain the same; however you give us four checks for $100 each! Month two can often be the most difficult month for weight loss, so we up the ante to keep you on track.

Check out what 30 days did for one of our clients on the program:
Lost a total of 9.5 pounds, 8.3% body fat and a total of 10.75 inches! Great job!!

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